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Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the one space that gets the most attention when it comes to remodeling or even small improvements. The important consideration is, of course, moisture since it's a constant presence in the bathroom. There have been developments in new materials that can handle ongoing exposure to water, such as green board, which is a water-resistant drywall, and the water-repellent cement-based products for wet locations. Even a modest bathroom can offer an opportunity for big improvements without a huge investment. Here are some ideas.

1. Vanity

The cabinet vanity can serve as a stylish focal point. Instead of sticking with the traditional acrylic sink, a vanity can serve as another furnished piece in your home. The sink can make a splash with a different material, like granite or glass. A vintage or painted wood cabinet vanity gives the bathroom a classic feel. Fixtures come in a broad array of designs, with a variety of finishes that can match any style.

2. Shower

Replacing a shower is no longer limited to just removing moldy old tile and putting in a humdrum fiberglass unit with a bathtub. With effective waterproofing, elegant and eye-catching tiles can be installed to create the feel of a spa in your bathroom. Sparkling glass doors and decorative multiple-head shower fixtures enhance this luxurious ambience.

3. Soaking Tubs

With a separate bathtub, there is the option of a larger and more relaxation-oriented soaking tub. These Japanese-inspired tubs can include features like effervescence, aromatherapy or even chromatherapy, which is color relaxation.

4. Relaxation Room

As an adjunct to the traditional bathroom, a recent innovation is to carve out an intimate space that provides a respite for the relaxation everyone craves. This could include a massage chair, soundproof walls and any gadgets that enhance the experience, whether it's a small fountain or a CD player for soothing sounds.

5. Flooring

Ceramic tile is certainly the favorite, but not only choice for the bathroom floor. Glass tiles are becoming very popular in bathroom remodeling projects. They are versatile and work well on all surfaces. Other possibilities include wood, stone or vinyl. The comfort of radiant floor heat is available when using tile.

6. Lighting

All bathrooms can benefit from generous lighting. It can be placed wherever it's needed, for showers, over the vanity mirror, or over a large tub. The type of lighting will depend on whether it will be used for tasks like grooming or cosmetics; sconces or vertical fixtures will cast even light for this - or just for mood.

Don't skimp too much on this remodeling. Remember that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so invest well and you'll reap the rewards.

Important Fixtures

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Usually, it’s a complete remodel. I hope the following links will help get your “remodeling juices” flowing and give us a call. We always welcome new projects!